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Antanasia’s heart


Antanasia’s heart

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The witch’s pantry



Conrad would have taken the shot as soon as he had a clear line of sight if he’d been hunting with anyone else. It was only his respect for Abner and his skills that made the other hunter wait until he had a clear signal to fire. Which he had.

The shot was quiet—little more than a click and a sharp rush of air.

The succubus gasped as the tranq hit her. She growled and picked up her legs to kick them, except she found herself lacking the energy. So tired. No. Need to stay… awake…

Abner hefted the sleeping succubus onto his shoulder, already heading for the exit. Let’s get out of here. Can you text Brianna to deal with the clean up while I drive us to Nameless’?



Fine. Scratches. Need my gun so I can tranq her.

He had extra darts on his person if only he could—there! Conrad roughly shoved his mask back into place as he sprinted over to the abandoned pistol. He didn’t pick it up yet. Instead, Conrad pulled a dart from his belt, uncapped it as carefully as one can when—forgive the pun—shorthanded, and loaded it into the gun. Weapon ready, Conrad stood and lined up his shot.


There were a few more moments of blurred limbs, hands reaching for the other as the cubi and the hunter fought. Abner finally managed to get behind her and put her in a Nelson hold, leaving her stomach wide open for Conrad to take the shot.




Conrad stumbled away as soon as he could wrench free. He needed to put distance between himself and his attacker—the succubus. He wasn’t fast enough to turn his gun on her; in an instant, she was on him again.

I’m being attacked— No more time to think.

He couldn’t let her get his to his mask. Couldn’t let her knock him over or disarm him. In the struggle, Conrad’s gun fired, the dart completely missing any sort of target and pinging against something across the warehouse before skittering away. Out of ammunition, Conrad kept firm hold of his gun and attempted to wield it as a blunt weapon.

Unfortunately for the hunter, he only had one arm. And she had two. With a sadistic smile, the succubus wrenched the gun from the man’s hand. And with the man pinned, he was hers. All that needed removing was that pesky mask.

But he wasn’t holding still. Long nails scratched into the hunter’s face as the succubus tried to pry off the mask. She’d managed to just loosen it when suddenly she was rammed from the side.

Abner slammed the succubus into the wall, making sure not to kill her in the process. Conrad! Are you okay?

The blonde demoness snarled and began trying to scratch whatever part of this new opponent she could. Damn them! She’d show them. They’d pay for this!

The vampire did his best to keep up with unnaturally fast claw swipes from the succubus as he tried to half-focus on what Conrad was doing. He needed to know what his partner was up to if they were going to capture this cubi.




Years of training told Conrad to protect his neck first and foremost as those arms wrapped around him suddenly. His body tensed, gun hand going up to block anything that might go around his neck like a garotte, and then as soon as he felt hot air against his neck and realized that was a mouth, his arm shot back with a snap to elbow his assailant.

"Guh!" The succubus fell back, but was undeterred. Oh no. She would not lose this time. Quickly recovering, she lunged for that gun. Hopefully her supernatural speed would help her here.

Abner, in the meantime had found his way up where the bodies where. Damn. There were at least four men… Poor souls. At hearing Achenleck shout, the vampire began heading for his hunting partner. Hopefully he wouldn’t be too late.



Conrad slid out of the car and moved around the building. He kept low and close to the wall to minimize his chances of being seen. (Little did he know they’d already been spotted.)

I’ve found a side door and a loading bay. Loading bay looks to be locked down. I’m moving back to the side door.

Okay. I’m going in the front.

Abner opened the door and whoah. He didn’t even need to breathe and he could feel the… musk? Pheromones? Either way, he could feel it trying to invade his airways.

Careful, Conrad. This place reeks of her pheromones.

Unfortunately, Conrad was the one in the cubi’s eye. Like a cat, she perched above him; watching and formulating a plan. How to get that pesky mask off? And get rid of that gun?

Gently, she landed on the floor behind him,; arms moving to wrap around his body as she pressed a kiss to his neck while she purred.



Oops. Sorry. Am I covering you from here, or should I look for a secondary exit? He didn’t particularly like the idea of splitting up, but he liked the idea of the succubus escaping even less.

Look for a secondary exit. I don’t like splitting up either. But, like you, I don’t want her escaping. I smell dead bodies. Abner drew his shotgun out of the truck bed and began heading for the door. She was close. He could almost feel her.

The succubus hid behind the main door. Why were they not talking? Surely the men must have some plan for her. No matter. She had her own plans for them. Quickly scurrying from her hiding place, the demoness began dousing the warehouse in pheromones. It had to be thick and strong to get past that damned mask that one of them had.



Conrad held up a respirator mask. He’d planned ahead. It took him a minute to get it on (stupid straps), and another to load a syringe into the tranquilizer gun in his lap. He gestured to get Abner’s attention, and held up a single finger before pointing to his gun. One shot. He wouldn’t be able to load another dart in the middle of a chase with one hand, so he’d need Abner’s help if this didn’t go down smoothly.

I’ll draw her attention since I don’t need to breathe. And Conrad? I can hear your thoughts. So if you simply think at me, I’ll hear it.

Abner slid out of the truck and closed it as silently as possible. If they were lucky, the succubus was asleep.

She was not. The blonde demoness eyed her new prey from a high-up window. She’d been holding up here ever since that defiant little incubus had injured her. Now… Now she could make these men hers and take that territory from the little shit.

She stepped over the exhausted bodies of her drained victims, having devoured so much energy that her toys had died mid-fuck. Then again, she’d been fucking them non-stop until they died. Oh well.

She could get replacements. Like the two men who were about to enter her hiding spot.


Is anyone seriously up fer it though?

Legit. Out in public. Sex.

Hell, ya can just watch if ya wanna, just—*frustrated grumbling*

"I’m always up for some fun, Sugar~."