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Welcome to Blood and Moonbeams, Sugar

"Soo… She’s actually leaving." Abner stared at the radio, partially relieved and partially worried. Adelaide had been his first… everything. And while he was happy to be with Blaney, he couldn’t help but worry that her new ways would put her in an early grave.

"Do you want a hug, sugar?" Blaney held out her arms to her fiance. She knew how she felt. All this time, and she still missed late husband.

The vampire embraced the vampiress and sighed. At least Brianna understood.


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PHOTO OP: Lazy Ferret Day

Via mobi_y.

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"Welcome to Blood and Moonbeams," Blaney said, waving at the fellow vampires, "I’m Brianna. What can I do you two for?"

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She stared down that barrel with both horror and a faint glint of invitation. From customer to prey."And... What should I do-- to not dig deeper? If the United States is all you care about, even the lowly scum that I feed off like a recent rapist I pass by.. I try to aim for bounties of most wanted. I try to aim it toward something good. But the thirst doesn't always work that way. I'm too young."

"Look. You get attacked, you stop someone from attacking, or find a willing victim, go for it. But again. If you are caught killing in the states, I will not hesitate to kill you. You clear?! And you don’t dig yourself deeper by fessing up to killing!”

She stops for a while and looks down with a sigh. This just got really awkward, not to mention that Brianna's boundaries were still very vague. "Then know this.. I feed off people because I need to. If that doesn't help your decision then kill me now." Her arms had wrapped at her stomach. Times like this she wondered a little too much.

"Feeding and killing are two very different things. I feed off people too. But I leave them breathing. And unless you want a shotgun to the face, I suggest you do not dig yourself a deeper hole. Understand?" The huntress cocked her shotgun to show she was serious.

"We are both something not of the ordinary. There has got to be something we can work out," Kia queried. To be entirely defensive toward the hunters seemed like a mess considering what Brianna was. Surely many have tried to kill her too since to some, all vampires are fair game. "I'm not asking much. I'll stay out of Newark's streets when I'm feeding but if you know guys outside--"

"Is not for you to know."

Kia raises her hands up as she means no harm. "I do not wish to make enemies.. At least when I can prevent it. You cannot be allies with hunters outside of Newark, can you...?" She lowers her head. "Is it so foolish to be sure I won't be immediately stabbed from behind?" This explains her earlier question.

The witch merely shrugged. She wouldn’t tell who she did and didn’t talk to. “Just mind yourself while you’re in the states. Because Sir Hellsing cannot help you here.”