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The Rescue



The werewolf paused, surprised to be caught in the cross hairs of a gun. She was even more surprised when she wasn’t fired upon immediately. Did he not understand she intended to kill him?

She looked from the gun to the forest floor, as if contemplating doing just what he suggested. She knew better, though. The hunters would not let any of them live, and if she didn’t get the one who took their powers, then Gary would end her with his own hands.

The werewolf changed targets. The witch was closer. She jumped, hoping to catch the vampire’s legs and pull her down to the ground.


Conrad looked to Hanna, limp in Abner’s arms. “I hope so. Are there any blankets around here? Or a coat?” They could at least cover Hanna up. For decency, but also because that much bare skin under the light of a waxing moon would make him noticeable. They didn’t need one of the werewolves spotting them because Hanna happened to be blessed with the complexion of his Irish grandmother.


The hunter remained decidedly silent. He knew better than to gloat, taunt, or generally waste breath while fighting. Plus it was a great way to bite your tongue.

Gary did have the advantage of being about the same size as the hunter, with long arms that kept him out of range until the last second. The hunter couldn’t score any real hits without being caught, and he didn’t want to take any chances. Plus the name of the game was stretching the fight out as long as possible to ensure Hanna was rescued.

Deciding to play it safe, the hunter swiped at Gary using that devastating knife of his with the bladed knuckles. He did his best to catch Gary’s hands or arms. Hobble him. Spill some blood and make him angry. Maybe even get in past his defense and stab him in one of those nice, weak, currently necessary organs.

Ringtone had wanted to give a chance. He always wanted to give a chance. Maybe this one would’ve been on her senses and actually backed off and ran completely from the scene. Ring would’ve allowed that, from his own part at least. He just wanted to believe that people were good inside and really didn’t want this kind of bloodshed.

But desperation had drove the were to make her move. And now Ring had to shoot - his gun was already whihing from the load, with the bright glow of plasma illuminating the spot he was now standing.


Ring pulled the trigger - and turned right away, he needed to jump to other direction. He knew this gun wasn’t designed on this kind of shots, not by long run. He jumped, and the moment he did the shock-wave hit him from behind, giving him some extra boost on that. The loud booming sound from the shot as it hit the ground was nearly deafening, and Ring shut his eyes for few seconds before landing into another tree. Splinters and dirt was flying around, and Ring clinged to the tree he had been flinged to like he was about to drown, waiting for that to go over before looking over his shoulder.

Tree had fallen, into a small crater that had born from his shot. Chunk, fooooosh… Cooling systems on. Good. Alright. Hopefully others were alright, Ring had tried aiming the were and something bit softer while at it so it wouldn’t cause quite so bad destruction. Guess his aim was bit off - but at least he had hit the werewolf.

Blaney hopped out of the tree and landed beside Ples and Veser, who quickly killed off the last werewolf. A movement from the house caught Brianna’s attention and she turned her head to see Abner carrying an unconscious and covered Hanna as Conrad led another kid to the truck. They were leaving. Good.

The only werewolf left was Gary.

And the alpha became distracted as a tree crashed into the ground and onto the vehicle he’d stolen to get to Connecticut. And that distraction was all the hunter needed. A silver blade found it’s way to the alpha’s heart.

"Ring! Take his powers away again," the witch ordered to the serval. They needed to be sure this werewolf died and didn’t heal.

The tressym nodded and obeyed, once again using his new ability on the alpha. Gary looked at his surroundings. There were too many. And a knife in his chest. And now he couldn’t heal.

Blackness quickly took over and the werewolf’s body slunk to the ground. The hunter walked around the corpse, checking to make sure Gary was actually dead.

"Brianna. If you will," Galahad asked. They needed to burn the bodies and destroy the evidence. No one could know what happened here.

"If you boys don’t mind putting the bodies in a pile, I’ll immolate them all at once with Ember."

"Of course." The hunters began moving bodies into a pile as Blaney reached over and ruffled the feline’s hair.

"Good work, kiddo. We’re gonna have to keep your number on hand for future hunts."

"Ah… Thanks." Ring smiled and rubbed his hair. He usually didn’t get compliments like that. They meant a lot.

After the bodies were in a pile, Blaney, Ember, and Aceton (Ring’s dragon puppy) began torching the bodies. The witch kept an eye on how far the fire got out and re-routed with frost when necessary as the two fire-dogs kept at it.

With that done, it was time to head back to the warehouse and check on a certain ginger werewolf and the new kid.


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jacckskskskksk jacksrabbit hehrere u go

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Let me touch you,
Sink my teeth deeper.
I want to taste your blood, I want to hear your heart beat… and taste your fear.
Alec Everdark (via satan-blessed-me-with-insanity)

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The Rescue



If Gary hadn’t stood around shouting, he would have had a chance to attack the hunter while he was getting his feet under himself again. But now he was steady and looking for an attack.

The swing to the jaw had been faster than expected, though.

The hunter went down, but he knew better than to let an opponent get on top of him. As his back hit the ground, he swung his legs up and rolled backwards to his feet. He’d lost his gun somewhere between the punch and tumbling across the forest floor, but the hunter still had his knife. And something extra.


Conrad pulled out his cuffs. “Sure, give me the easy job,” he said drily, jangling the cuffs in his one hand.

"Desmond. If you want to prove we can trust you, I need you to turn around, hands behind your back, and hold still for me. Do what I say, and we’ll get you out safely."


One of Gary’s new mates had fallen back as soon as she lost her powers. She’d always been the sort to avoid confrontation and go for her opponent when their back was turned, even before Gary found her. She’d hugged the trees, watching where everyone was, and saw that the serious threat was the vampiress and the creature that took their powers. Luckily they’d both holed up in a tree, which she’d finally found. As stealthily as she could, she started climbing.

Rings ears flinched as he heard the shout, not too far away. Hah. Rather sadistic, shitty laughter escaped from him before he could yell back.
"Not yet asshole! Try harder!"
Maybe he shouldn’t be trying to aggravate the other side. But on other hand, rage made people blind right? Hopefully Nameless would be able to deal with it… Rings thoughts got cut by Acetons bark. One, two… it was warning! Feline looked around, and then down - someone was trying to climb up here? Moving the gun to point at the incoming were, he let out a snarl. He wouldn’t be able to make non-lethal shot from this point, would he?

No. He wouldn’t. Ears folding partly back, he started to hesitate again - could he be able to kill someone yet again? His gun was already loading the powercharge nearly to max, he didn’t have much time anymore. Pointing the gun at the were, he let out warning-snarl. He would give her one chance to slide off.

"Bitch unless you think you can take tank-piercing bullets that could potentially incinerate you while going bit over the speed of sound trough your guts, I recommend you back down NOW. And don’t try pulling anything funny, without your lycan-powers you’re no match in speed with me."

Ring she is never going to be the same again. She’ll either die by your gun or mine. And it seems to me you do not want that thing to overload, Blaney told the serval telepathically, not wanting to give away her plans to kill the were if he didn’t.


"You don’t have the ‘easy’ job," Abner said as he reached over and pulled the iron shackles off the wall, "We’ll have to pick the locks at the warehouse. But this is the only way to get him out of here quickly."

The vampire picked the limp ginger up as Desmond turned and obeyed the British hunter. “I’ll do whatever you say man. I want outta this fuckin’ hellhole. Is… Is that guy gonna be okay?”


With the hit connecting, Gary moved to grab the hunter. He was going to either snap the man’s neck, or disable him and then bite him after that fucking cat was dead. “You can’t kill me one on one, human. I will take you down and then claim my prize!”


It would have taken a fire alarm and some good shaking to pull Jayne out of his drug-induced haze. Sprinklers, too, probably. 

As something small pinched painfully at his neck, however, Jayne did whimper a little and try to scoot away.

His hazy dreams of open doorways, shifting colors, and scattered puzzle pieces gave way to thoughts of needles. The pinpoint burn of a hypodermic needle, the crunch and crinkle of paper under him as he sat on yet another examining table, a faint dizziness as the blood pressure cuff tightened then slowly released around his arm, and pointedly avoiding the gaze of every doctor and nurse. Usually in dreams he didn’t look because they didn’t have faces. Now he cast his gaze down so that he wouldn’t see their expressions when they noticed his scars. Being shirtless was always the worst. He couldn’t forget that. The memory was enforced by too many sympathetic noises or comments, always looking down at the raw flesh and nubby scar tissue dots made by stitches, being helped because he couldn’t rub the ointment in properly, being taught to massage the sensitive skin so it wouldn’t tighten up and be painful later. And all the time those looks. 

The pain, the lightheadedness, the helplessness. Jayne struggled to keep his head above it so it wouldn’t drown him as he slept. He gasped in his sleep and his fingers scrabbled at the sheets slowly like hands treading water.

Abner drank more than he would have were he in control of his mind. Jayne needed to be unable to summon the ghost back and have enough weakness to send a message to the werewolf and the hunter. That the vampiress was coming and she knew their weaknesses.

It was several minutes before a very drugged up bat released his bite from Jayne and began to try and flutter back out. Adelaide was outside waiting for him since he would be in no condition to drive with the drugs from Jayne’s blood now in his system.


If Hanna had heard the spell before he felt the effects, maybe he could have done something differently. Maybe he could have tried possessing his attacker or hiding in Jayne. 

Hanna only realized, though, when he felt a terrible wrenching somewhere deep in his chest like a chain attached to his spine suddenly being yanked. 


The light bulbs in the overhead lamp hissed and popped, suddenly dying, the room chilled fifteen degrees, and Jayne groaned quietly as he burrowed deeper into his bed. 

The banishment had cast Hanna out.

Target banished.

Now to take care of the second issue. Sending a message. Abner went back to bat form and curled up against Jayne’s neck. He wasn’t to kill Jayne. So he’d have to bite lower.

And hopefully not get caught or squished by a rolling patient. The base of the neck, near the shoulder. That would do.

Carefully, the vampire extended his fangs to bite in.


Ghosts don’t exactly need to try to be sneaky, but Hanna did his best anyways. Especially once he realized this was the third floor. And getting close to Jayne’s room. 

What was going on?

This energy didn’t feel right at all. When Hanna finally spied the man outside Jayne’s room, he knew something was terribly wrong. It was after hours, so the man clearly wasn’t a visitor, but a nurse walked right past him. 

Hanna couldn’t exactly confront the guy. Oooh look a floating pencil. How intimidating. Oh no cool air on your neck so scary. 

Best to get Jayne first. 

Hanna passed through the rooms of the other patients and slipped into Jayne’s room, setting off a couple of the magical arrays Jayne had sketched into the wall to help strengthen communication with Hanna. 

Unlike the runes, Jayne didn’t react to Hanna at all. He was deep asleep, having been given medication for a bout of anxiety that was taking a toll on his health the last few weeks. He’d had no contact with Hanna since the threat of Gary and Toni started, and he was starting to worry himself sick about his wolf Hanna. It occurred in intervals as he noticed, forgot, and then noticed again that he wasn’t getting calls or visits. He’d sleep odd hours, ate badly, fidget, and act detached when addressed by nurses. This latest anxiety attack was mild, but had lasted five days, and the floor nurse finally got Dr. Montgomery’s okay to drug Jayne so that he’d get some decent sleep. 


The ghost must have come back. There was no reason for them to activate, otherwise.

Abner knew most of these runes, so diffusing them and keeping them from waking the secondary target wasn’t too difficult. Now to dispel the ghost.

Quietly, the vampire began chanting the spell to banish the spectre. It wasn’t a permanent spell. Abner wasn’t strong enough in his magical abilities to do that. But it would last long enough for his mistress to do as she pleased. And that is what mattered.


The ghost in question was wandering the hospital. 

Jayne had been doing better, which meant Hanna didn’t need to be by his side all the time. While that was a little sad, it was also probably healthier for them both. A possessive ghost was a dangerous thing. Plus he had Jayne’s friend to keep an eye on. She was like three smaller Jaynes rolled into one with bad language thrown in.

As Hanna slipped out of her room, having made sure she was at least pretending to sleep, the ghost felt a new energy in the hospital. Something decidedly inhuman. 

—Looks like it’s time to investigate— 

He’d always liked saying that.

Abner made his way to the familiar scent of the hunter with drugs mixed in. It seemed the ghost was not there. He would wait. And glamour any nurses who came by.

They saw nothing.

This is not the vampire you are looking for.

The Rescue



Gary severely overestimated his ability. The hunter’s vision was obscured by his own cover, but he still had time to step back out of the way—nearly fast enough. Even though Gary’s fist found the hunter’s stomach, it wasn’t a solid blow, and he wasn’t any stronger than a human. The hunter had been hit by worse.

He was off-balance, though, and couldn’t swing his knife around, so he quickly lifted his gun and attempted to slam the butt of the handle into Gary’s jaw or shoulder. Whichever target he could reach as he stumbled.

Ring folded his ears back for second when the vampire-lady sat next to him, making then short, fanged grin.

"Sure thing.", he then turned his gaze back into the fight-zone, his eyes faintly glowing in the dark as he took better aim. He aimed to only injure or knock out with his shots - even in this chaos he just couldn’t bring himself to shoot to kill. "Just tell me if you need me to use that negation trick again…", that was silent mutter, as he folded ears back. His rifle barely made any sound when it fired - but it still was lethal weapon, as the victims soon realized.

The butt of the gun hit Gary’s shoulder, causing him to stumble back. That had hurt more than it should’ve. “HAS SOMEONE FOUND THAT DAMNED CAT?!”

It needed to be eliminated. Quickly. It’d be the only way to restore his strength and take out this pesky human. Gary moved to take a swing at the hunter’s jaw. He needed the man to black out or fall or something so he could get the edge on the measly being.


Abner shot a werewolf in the way of the basement before kicking the door open. Hanna was down here, he could definitely smell him. And another werewolf. The vampire raised his gun at the kid in front of the ginger.

"No wait! Please don’t shoot! I-I’m Desmond! I left the note! I surrender!" The kid put his hands in the air. He didn’t want to die. Ohgawd he didn’t want to die.

"Conrad. Cuff the kid and I’ll get Hanna." The ginger was chained to the wall. He’d have to pull the restraints out and unlock them manually later back at the warehouse.